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President's Message 2017

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The current conversation in India around Industry 4.0 or IIOT, is getting over-hyped with a lot of jargon thrown around it. We need to demystify this. Industry 4.0 is not a regulatory compliance; it is a journey towards digitalisation and better integration of processes within the company, and much more – integration with upstream and downstream in the supply-chain. I4.0 looks at a more holistic way to make the assets smarter and serve the twin goals of reliability and flexibility: thus it is equally relevant for small and medium companies.

It is possible to pick and choose aspects for improvement which are immediately relevant for a company; however while doing so, there are do’s and don’ts for ensuring that next step in the journey is well anchored. It is possible to set up a micro system (lab-version if you like to call it) to try out a proof of concept that validates the combined power of automation and data exchange. Educating and hand-holding owners and engineers is essential for imbibing the nuances of digital power and sustaining long term success of business.

Early movers will have an advantage. AIA is committed to engage with the SME segment on their journey towards Zero-Defect; digitally organised and integrated.