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Rules and FAQs

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The membership of AIA is open to any firm, association, company or division registered or incorporated in India and conducting business in the field of automation technology and / or associated services.

To be eligible to apply for membership, the applicant must endorse and contribute to the aims and objects of the association.

Membership will be granted after due consideration and approval of the AIA Executive Council. The Executive Council reserves the right to reject any application for membership if it fails to satisfy the AIA intent in letter or spirit.

All applicants are requested to familiarize themselves with the prevailing guidelines that are summarized below:

  • An applicant's main activity is providing automation solutions, products and services related to the automation technology sector. In case of multiple business firms, the specific division that deals with automation should apply.
  • If any individual firm is dissolved and is taken over as a going concern by any other individual and its business is carried on in any new name, the Executive Council may allow such new company or the individual firm as the case may be to continue as a member in place of the old company or individual firm.
  • Members on election/nomination shall assume the responsibilities entailed by membership and shall be entitled to the benefits privileges of membership, save where subscription is in arrears, unless and to the extent this be condoned by the Executive Council.
  • The rights and privileges of members as defined in these Rules in the case of a Firm or Company or Society shall be exercised by such person authorized by power of attorney or otherwise to the satisfaction of the Executive Council.
  • The Association for the purpose of registration is declared to consist of an unlimited number of members.
  • The Executive Council may create different classes of membership subject to the approval /of the General body.

Q1) How will I know whether my company qualifies to be a Primary Member or Associate Member?

A) If the primary activity of your company (your group of companies may have multiple business domains) relates to Industrial Automation, you are eligible to apply for Primary Membership. If the primary activity of your company relates to IT or Electrical Systems or Mechanical systems, and you have a dedicated division wherein the there is significant activity relating to Industrial Automation you are advised to apply for Associate Membership.

Q2) What constitutes Industrial Automation activity or what needs to be included while declaring annual revenues?

A) For a current description of Industrial Automation activity and for declaring revenue figures please read the definitions below and include the total annual revenue from Automation Goods and Services (net of taxes).

Definition of Automation Goods
Sensors and Transmitters Control valves and Actuators, AC / DC Drive and Motion Control systems, CNC Control Systems, LV Controlgear, Discrete Controllers, Recorders, General and Safety PLC, RTU, PAC, DCS, SCADA, MES All Cabinets, Connectors, Cables, MMI / HMI, Real-time O.S and associated Computers, related to above

Definition of Automation Services - Application Engineering and application Software, including embedded software, other Automation support  Services like Consulting, Project Engineering, Simulation, Commissioning, AMC, Education and Training.

Q3) If one is applying for Associate Membership, will the overall company revenue be considered for determining my fee structure?

A) No. The revenue of the concerned division(s) will be considered for determining the fee structure. Please read this in conjunction with the additional clarifications to Q4 below.

Q4) What should one do if there are multiple companies in my group of companies that are deeply involved in Automation and interested in the AIA membership?

A) You can apply on behalf of all these companies and take advantage of one fee structure. Of course, the fee structure will be assessed on the basis of combined revenues of all applicants and only one logo can be displayed on the AIA website. Alternately each company can apply separately for individual membership, under different fee structures. The choice is yours.

Q5) What happens if we decide to discontinue membership after a few years?

A) You can request for termination at any time if you wish to do so. Please remember that the Admission fee or Subscription fee (for the balance of the operating year) are not refundable. If your termination request is received before the 15th of April, you have no liability of subscription fee for that financial year. You only need to settle any unpaid dues. If your termination request is received after the 15th of April, you are liable for subscription fee for that entire financial year.